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Minutes 25 September 2006

Present: Travis, Karl, Shane, Jagir.

An "audio recording": is available. (The skips after 18 minutes are due to a problem with the operating system on the recording device).


  • Spent majority of time on an overview of openCMISS to introduce Jagir.


  • working on electrical physiology of the heart.
  • wants to work on a maintainable framework that will still be available when he finishes his PhD.
  • will sit down with Karl and Travis for an introduction to libMesh.

Mesh Data and Fields

  • Travis has been looking at getting meshes and data into libMesh.
    • Didn't have much success with reading xta after xtr format but universal (unv) format seemed to work fine.
  • The best way to handle generic independent fields with interpolations in libMesh is to add them to a System that is never solved.