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Minutes 20 February 2006

Meeting held 11am 20 February 2006

Present: Carey, Karl, Andre, Poul, Peter

Apologies: Chris, Martyn, Peter, Greg, Travis, Shane

An audio recording of the meeting can be "downloaded":

General: Shane is away for 3 weeks, Karl to chair the meetings. Next meeting same time next Monday.

1 Data structures.

  • Examples from Poul

Nothing new to report, examples not ready yet. Poul still working on it, Shane is away.

2 Progressing/starting development

Proposed we take Andre's code and have a look at MPI'ing it.

Karl would like to get involved with that, but has a few tihngs to tidy up first.

Karl will also take the time to do a more general investigation of how to do the parallisation.

Confirmed we are to use subversion. Subversion now available for use on our servers - cellml projects already using it.

Doxygen confirmed as the tool of choice for documentation. Should be good enough to get comments out of fortran - Karl to have a look.

Bug systems. Need to further investigate Trac, seems favoured by those at the meeting today. The alternative is to continue using the plone collector.