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Minutes 20 November 2006

Present: Jagir, Karl, Shane, Peter.


  • Shane built PETSc on hpc.
  • MPI headers on AIX seem different to mpich so some tweaks were required in libMesh build.
  • Parallel environment doesn't seem to be working at the moment: seems to need rsh.


  • Integrator
    • cvodes (from Sundials) maintains a lot of state information.
      • Expensive in memory
      • Not sure how well swapping the history information in and out of a single solver will work.
    • How complex an integrator do we need?
      • Complex integrators work well on single cell models but if we need a small time step for diffusion, is there any point in having a complex integrator?
      • Start with integrators that don't need their own history information.

Material base vectors from angles

  • Karl has written some code for calculating these but it is not working yet.