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Minutes 12 December 2005

Present: Shane, Carey, Karl, Peter, Poul

Appologies: Travis, Andre

1 Resourcing. Writing a job description for advertising.

Shane and Peter have prepared a job description for a lead developer. Reviewed by the group. Some minor improvements suggested. Maria to add HR requirements. Will start advertising now. Closing date end February. Need to find out how to advertise in journals.

Will wait off a little before filling the documentation position.

2 Development framework.

  • How are we going to develop code?

    XLF90 is the compiler of choice on AIX

    Will use g95 where available, but this will need some research.

  • What documentation systems, bug systems, code management systems do we want to employ?

    Karl & Carey to look into documentation systems

    Some discussion of purpose of trackers. Some overlap with project management.

    There are different tests that need to be considered; unit, functional, performance, failure, load. Need to look into unit testing frameworks.

    Need to have some form of code review too.

    Subversion to be used for code management. Shane to talk to the IT group.

3 Starting work : Data structures.

Saving this discussion for next week, need a some research into what others do too. Document what we have in cm and cmgui too. Adressing FEM and fields. Shane to write something about cmgui, Karl to do cm. Looking at FEM interface to HDF might be good too.

  • What are our fundamental types?
  • What is the basic interface?

4 Given that we are merging cm and cmgui, should we rename openCM to openCMISS on the CMISS website?

All agreed to change to openCMISS.

5 Bioengineering Retreat presentation by Shane.

Shane to talk for 15mins at the retreat about CMISS. To present what we trying to. Need to stress the emphasis on robust professional development, the integration of cm and cmgui, enabling MPI and clusters, API's. Couldn't be done with old code. To present our first goal and we intend to get there.

6 Future Meetings.

  • Field operators: Should we have mathmatical operators at a low field level?