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Minutes 16 October 2006

Present: Travis, Jagir, Karl, Ehsan.

Ehsan is modelling transport of solutes in the eye.

  • Includes: fluid flow with osmotic gradients, diffusion, conduction.
  • Unknowns: concentrations, fluid velocities, electrical potential.
  • Looks like this has been considered from a finite-volume bidomain perspective.
  • Could probably be done with finite elements. Is this better?

Boundary conditions

  • Travis using normal Dirichlet boundary condtions where a column and row are replaced with those from the Identity and a contribution is made to the rhs.
    • Looks like DenseMatrix::condense may be useful here.

libMesh solution variables

  • 3 possibilities
    • local unknowns: System.solution
    • local unknowns + "ghost" unknowns: System.current_local_solution
    • all unknowns: ??
  • When are vectors updated from other vectors.
    • current_local_solution is updated automatically from solution in ImplicitSystem::solve.


  • Jagir and Ehsan have been looking at using KDevelop for writing code to use LibMesh.
    • But KDevelop seems to use autotools to write a Makefile.
      • Can this be turned off?
      • Or where can the libMesh library location be specified?