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Minutes 21 August 2006

Present: Travis, Karl, Shane. (+ Peter for 2 minutes.)

An "audio recording": is available.

Discussion over examples and where to put them.

Have a simple heat equation. What are the steps from here?

  • Libmesh examples framework
    • Provides testing
  • Fibre angles
    • How are we going to interpolate these?
      • Either from coarse elements interpolated in libmesh
        • would require high order elements in libMesh.
      • Or read in fine elements from cm/cmgui output?
        • Probably faster to code but uses more memory.
        • Seems a good place to start.
  • Cell model
    • An integrator
    • Simple model possibly before Cellml.
    • Cellml. Andre may have an integrator we can use?
  • Visualization
    • export to cmgui
    • possibly import from cmgui format
    • possibly export from cmgui to libmesh format
  • Bidomain
  • Hermite geometry
  • Cleavage planes
  • Distribute the mesh.
    • Not sure if/when this will be needed.

Need a roadmap(/progress) page (including the above).

Peter raised the issue of threads to take advantage of our large SMP boxes (which was discussed last week).

Travis gives apologies for next meetings until Sept 11.