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Problems with Reading in Data

I've rediscovered the problem with using Xta/Xda for reading in data on

a mesh. Reading in a mesh is ok but data is not. Here is why:

The problem is in xdr_io.C, subroutine read_mesh.  In particular, look
at lines 2099-2131, which is supposed to add foreign_ids to nodes.  This
actually never happens which causes the code to crash when you try to
read in data to those nodes.

This never happens because mesh_data is null because it is supposed to
be passed in as an argument but in the call to read_mesh (line 1924 or
1947) mesh_data is not passed in.  Fixing this is not as easy as it

There is more to it if you want to investigate.  Try it for a simple
example (ex12) and see what happens for you.  Hopefully I've made a
mistake and I'm wrong.