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Minutes 14 November 2005

Present: Andre, Carey, Greg, Karl, Martyn, Peter, Poul, Shane Apologies: Travis

  1. Possible Possible Scope and outcomes of the project. What are all the possible targets, both existing functionality and possible functionality that we are talking about.

Worked through the "scope" document is more of a list of everything possible that we would like, not a scope of this project as such. From this list Reaction-Difusion was confirmed as the first target to address. Along with the FEM and Finite volumes only. The design ought to flixible enough that if we want to do other things like finite differences in future we could.

It was noted that we will need to have mesh generating facilities early on too, but initially meshes made in cm can be used.

All agreed that we need to research all the available projects that might be useful with ours eg Blas, Lapack. A References page has been started and needs people to help build it up.

The next thing that needs done is a document that will layout exactly how we will get to the first outcome.