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Incompleted Steps

Steps that still need work

  1. Cell model

  2. Bidomain Class (See "first attempt":

    • Contains ?????
    • Is ?????
  3. Visualization

    • Export to cmgui
  4. Adaptions to CMISS examples framework.

    • Store separate times for build and run phases.
    • Automatically update, build, and test LibMesh library.
  5. Evaluate FieldML concepts

  6. Material properties

    • Develop grand strategy for how to represent materials in libMesh and more importantly how to read in data from CM examples into libMesh.
    • How are we going to interpolate fibre angles?
      • Either from coarse elements interpolated in libmesh,
        • would require high order elements in libMesh.
      • Or read in fine elements from cm/cmgui output?
        • Probably faster to code but uses more memory.
        • Seems a good place to start.
  1. Hermite geometry
  2. Cleavage planes
  3. Distribute the mesh.
  • Not sure if/when this will be needed.