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Minutes 20 July 2006

Present: Shane, Karl, Peter, Poul. Apologies: Travis.

An "audio recording": is available.

State of Play

  • libmesh
    • spends 5 seconds per matrix/rhs assemble (cf. gridfem cm 19 seconds probably with fibre computations).
    • 80 seconds setting up the system - not sure what's here apart from adding the dependent variable and setting initial conditions.
    • libmesh now has cubic Hermite elements in CVS (although export routines may not have been written yet).
      • Peter asked about scale factors
        • Shane said they were not necessary
        • libmesh has ability to express some degrees of freedom as a linear function of other dofs, which would be enough to provide similar functionality to scale factors.
  • sundance
    • Probably used considerably in Sandia but haven't seen evidence of global community use.
  • LifeV
    • Parallel operations implemented predominantly in solvers, starting to implement in assemble.
  • freePooma
    • Haven't seen evidence of large community use.

Scripting language interface

  • libmesh is a C++ library, intented for use in a C++ program.
  • A scripting language interface could be built on top, but Shane is not sure it's a good idea.

Visualization: Shared data store with graphics

  • cmgui knows when things (data) change.
  • FEM implementations do not usually have such notifications.
    • Whatever FEM implementation we use, it is not going to be easy to change cmgui to use the same data structures.


  • Peter: Spend the next 12 months on solving reaction-diffusion with cellml in libmesh with a large number of processes.
    • Will enable us to:
      • gain experience with MPI.
      • work out what is important to us.
    • Start with C++ main program.
    • Would interface with cmgui through an exporter in libmesh.
    • Ruzak rhun (Jagir) has IBM Blue Gene experience an is expected around late August and is expected to be involved with this.

Another C++ Program

  • Ed Vigmond's lab in Calgary has a C++ program based on petsc/mpi which is being used by a few groups to run very big simulations.

MPI job candidates

  • awaiting references

  • job advert is being put together for development and is currently being graded. We have one candidate already.