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Minutes 15 May 2006

Present: Shane, Andre, Karl, Greg. Apologies: Travis, Poul, Peter.

An "audio recording": is available.

MPI job

  • Has now been advertised - closes 9 June.
  • How can we make the job known as widely as possible?

Scientific Modelling Software Resources

  • Most items on the list are there to remind us not to spend more time looking at them. A few are looking promising.
  • libmesh builds and runs on x86 Linux (MPI currently not activated) but doesn't run on AIX.
  • Shane has built Sundance on x86 Linux and it passes its tests.
  • Shane asked Karl to suggest a test problem (with an analytic solution) for when our parallel computing system arrives.
    • Karl has in mind a time dependent heat equation

Meeting finished 11:30.