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To aid in the planning, of the open cmiss it would be helpful to have some project management software tools.

Currently we use the PloneCollector to track bugs, suggestions and feature requests. Ideally we want something that hooks into the collector. Unfortunatly such a product does not yet exist although the PloneTasker could become viable.

  • **Project Management Software Requirements **

    The desirable qualities are:

    • Works well with zope/plone
    • WYSIWYG interface
    • Works well for group collaboration/editing
    • Produces good reports (web and print)
    • Mature stable product, little or no maintainence required
    • Either intefaces with PloneCollector or provides superior (equivalent?) funcionality
  • **Project Management Software Review **

    There are many project management applications available. Here only the few thought to be suitable for our requirements are reviewed:

Some other projects of interest





What we use depends a lot on who we expect to use it and how/why. eg if one personn is to take responsibility for keeping the plan upto date, then Taskjuggler would be a good choice. If we expect everybody to update their own little bit continously GanttProject would be better.

If we want a more enterprise quality system then we need to look at more complex systems with heavier IT requirements eg "JBoss" or other database driven systems. I don't think we want to go there as that is a lot more work and maintainence and we would be forced to use their bundled facilites such as their bug trackers to really harness what they offer.