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Minutes 2 October 2006

Present: Travis, Karl, Jagir, Shane.

An "audio recording": is available.

Example framework

  • coming together.

Cellml incorporation.

  • Jagir been looking at cellml code generator.
  • Travis has a paper that describes how operator-splitting is done in cm.
  • Does the cell model need to be dlopen'ed?
    • dlopen provides a way to deal with namespaces when there is more than one model for more than one type of cell.
      • Could redefine function names at compile time if linked in statically.
    • Not important right now as model distribution can be available at compile time.
  • Variation in cell parameters through space will be required.

Bidomain class

  • Travis looking at making a bidomain class (in the same way as Navier-Stokes has a class in libMesh).
    • Would set up transmembrane and extracellular potential variables and provide a way of solving it.


  • Shane suggested a gui for a demo of code using libMesh.
    • Would provide interfaces to change some parameters and re-solve.