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Minutes 27 March2006

Meeting to held 11am Monday 27 March 2006 11am

Present: Shane, Carey, Karl, Martyn, Greg, Andre

Apologies: Chris, Peter, Travis

An audio recording of the meeting can be "downloaded":

  • Parallelization investigation

    • Discussion from Karl and Travis

    Shane has also had a look at Global Arrays package, looks useful, but haven't actually tested it as such yet.

    Karl has had a look at Zoltan. Provides dynamic distribution of data, and tools for communication for unstructured meshes. Again looks useful, but no practical experience yet.

    LibMesh seems worth having a look at too.

    We need to really have someone start work using something to make progress.

  • Data structures.

    • Examples from Shane and Poul

    Shane sat down with Poul to make an example - linear cube. Discussion was useful and raised many practical issues. Meeting again this Thursday.

  • Resourcing

    • Job description

    Shane tabled a job description for a developer. The group refined it and approved it for advertising.

  • Development framework.

    • What testing framework are we going to use?
    • How are we going to develop code?