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Development Program

The initial plan is to demonstrate the possibilities, resolve many of the infrastructural issues and make progress on the scientifically critical parts first.

To this end we plan to address one of the slightly modified outcomes early and develop "Reasonable time solution of the bidomain equations using a physiologically realistic cellular model in a full ventricular geometry"

This will require the development of the initial framework and then its application to a specific problem. It is important to try and drive this beyond our present capability to test the framework we create and to produce a demostratable outcome.

Computational Techniques

  • Finite element
  • Finite volume

Computational Applications

  • Heat Equation
  • Monodomain electrical activation
  • Bidomain electrical activation


  • Conjugate gradient
  • Multigrid


  • Data structures
  • Module communication/API protocol
  • File formats
  • Data storage and access
  • High performance computation -- shared and distributed memory
  • Source code management (including tracking changes in code that is under development but untested)
  • Modular code design
  • Code testing and validation (unit tests)
  • Bug tracking
  • Computational platforms: AIX, Linux, win32, OSX
  • CellML API and implementation
  • FieldML API and implementation


  • Scripting languages: python, perl
  • Programming languages used internally: C, C++, f77, f90/95

Documentation and website

  • Programmer documentation, tools and website
  • API documentation
  • User documentation
  • User tutorials
  • User website
  • User examples
  • Programmer examples