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Minutes 30 October 2006

Present: Travis, Karl, Shane, Peter.

An "audio recording": is available.

LibMesh on different platforms

  • Shane and Ehsan have started building libMesh on Cygwin.
  • Travis still having trouble with XL compilers on AIX.

Atrial simulation

  • Travis has a working simulation on an atrial mesh with a cubic cell model.
  • 45000 nodes, 0.02 s time step, 1000 steps. Doesn't take much time to run.
  • Using DenseMatrix::condense made implementing Dirichlet boundary conditions and their right hand side contributions simpler with less code.


  • Travis is having issues with GMV viewer with large meshes.
  • Would be useful to have fieldml or simliar export for cmgui.

File formats

  • Travis can get a mesh from ex* files and translate them into unv files for LibMesh through a script.

Cell parameters

  • A cell with 100 parameters will commonly have only 2 that vary spatially.
  • Need to share information where possible.