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Minutes 6 November 2006

Present: Jagir, Travis, Karl, Shane, Marc.

Different operating systems.

  • Shane has libMesh working with Cygwin on bioeng126 but not working with Ehsan's system.
  • Shane at the same stage with cvs libmesh as with 0.5.0. Built on AIX with XL compiler but aborts.


  • Jagir has some modifications to Andrew's CCGS to make a C++ class.
  • First example can use generated code from this.
  • When modifications are incorporated in CCGS, we can have the Makefile run Andrew's executable to generate the code from CellML source.
  • Will need to consider sharing data between cells where possible.

Marc Jacobs

  • Modelling fluxes in tissue, particularly the eye.
  • Continuum model at different levels.
  • Will have other students also doing modelling.
  • Wants this done on a platform with some sort of longevity.
  • Huge difference in spatial scales between within cells and in extracellular space.

Spatially varying Material parameters

  • Two options:
    • MeshData
      • Defines values at nodes and in elements but doesn't define how to interpolate the data.
    • System variables
      • Provides different interpolations with the parameters.
      • Seems more widely used than MeshData.
      • Need to investigate how the information is stored in files.
  • System variables seems more appealing if file formats are suitable.

Fibre angles

  • Need to translate fibre Euler angles into rotation matrices.