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Minutes 13 November 2006

Present: Travis, Jagir, Karl, Shane.

LibMesh on different operating systems.

  • There is some unix-specific socket code so MinGW is not working, but Cygwin is fine.
  • XL compilers on AIX needed run-time type casting (for dynamic_cast) turned on explicitly. configure had some logic to turn on appropriate flags but the logic was not triggered. Shane has made some changes to the configure file but not yet submitted to LibMesh.
  • AIX/powerpc has answers that differ from Intel/Linux after the 5 significant figures. Could this be because it is using LASPACK not PETSc?

Spatially varying material parameters

  • System variables seem appropriate.
    • I/O is availble to and from xdr binary and xda ascii formats.
    • Libmesh seems designed to provide I/O files of all variables of all vectors in EquationSystems.
      • But there are routines for just one System that could be used fairly easily.
  • add_variable / add_vector
    • As initially Systems will contain only one variable and the same interpolation is suitable for the material parameters, add_vector can be used for the dofs and the dof mappings can be borrowed from the solution variable.
    • For more complicated Systems or different interpolations, add_variable can be used in a different System.

Getting material parameters from cm.

  • Travis successfully used 'fem export grid' used for geometry.
    • has a fieldml option.
    • Should be similar to export cm's fibre and general field variables.
      • Can 'fem update field from material' first if necessary to put material parameters into a format for export.